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Kinzville Academy Agility Class (Hurdles)

The Kinzville academy agility class is the Hurdles.

During the first three levels of this class, it was quite dull. Getting over the lower bars, with the hurdles far enough apart to not have one jump affect another made the game quite easy.  This is a game that I like because it is relatively quick, and relatively painless.  It is not one that you can just mindlessly do (like the weight lifting and running class) - although, for the first three levels, it doesn't take much work or skill to be able to get through them.

But, at level 4, the game introduced the red (Large) hurdles, which is very difficult and takes some patience to learn how to get over them.

First, here are some brief instructions. When you begin this game, it will not start until you press the right arrow (some of the classes start without your having to do anything -- Language and Running -- and some wait for you -- Painting and Weights

When you press the right or left arrow, you can increase or decrease your speed. It is not necessary to hold down the arrow. You can speed up and slow down during the middle of a jump. If you have finger agility, you can go slower until you get to the jump, and then speed up as soon as you are in the air.

For levels 1 - 3, I just pressed the right arrow and went at the fast speed the entire game. For novices, going at the slower rate is probably appropriate - just know that you might have to hit the right arrow if you jump a tad too soon just to get over the medium hurdles (although you are just as likely to make it without ever going fast).

Once you get to level 4, you have to be able to go fast (at least in bursts). The dreaded red hurdle will probably make a lot of people stop taking this class, because it is much harder than the other two. Level 4 has 3 red hurdles. With practice and concentration, you should be able to get over them.

Below are some pictures that show where to jump to get over the red hurdle. Not too close, not too far away. There is a little margin for error (but not as much as the green and yellow hurdles).


If your computer plays the games a bit jittery (where sometimes the graphics slow and speed up without reason - as some slower systems do when playing Webkinz), this might be a bit tough. Ironically, I found that the animals that hop (like the frog) had a harder time getting through the level.

Level 5 is a cakewalk compared to level 4. The difficulty to level 5 is that the hurdles get closer together. So, if you like going fast, this is not the level for you. You can just go the slowest pace throughout the whole game. By now, you should have the timing figured out, so going slow is not too difficult.

By the 1st week of January, I should be at level 6. At that point, I will unlock the ability to jump in my room. Stay tuned for some pictures of that when I get there (although in the next few days, some of us will be at level 6 for Strength (unlocking the flip), Speed (Roll Over), and Creativity (Blow a Kiss).

I, for one, hope that the prize for level 10 is worth it. Here is the my current progress (this is an image photoshop'd from the badges of 2 different pets). I'll try to update the image periodically so you can see my progress

YouTube Videos

Level 4
Level 5


Like some of the other kinzville academy classes, this one will sometimes have a graphics glitch that shows the pet facing all 4 directions.  This glitch usually occurs during the second class - and might have something to do with trying to get the classes started too quickly (by pressing the sign-up button while Cowoline is still congratulating you on the first class).  In 2 of the classes, if you get a glitch, you will not be able to complete the course.  The running class and style class will go into an error mode and you will lose your money and not get credit for the work you did.  On the hurdles class, you can make it through without any problems (other than the distracting pet avatar).



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