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Kinzville Academy Creativity Class (Painting)

One of my favorite things to do in Webkinz in the Kinzville Academy Painting. I like it because it is a bit challenging, but I also find it fun.

While doing it, I started memorizing the patterns and associating them with the amount of paint and the speed required to reproduce those patterns. To make things a bit easier, I developed a chart that I could refer to in order to help get the similar patterns.

The chart below shows speed level required to produce the patterns. With a small and large (3 drops of paint and 8 drops of paint), you should be able to figure out exactly what pattern you are trying to reproduce. 


Drops of Paint: 3

Drops of Paint: 8
















Below, I added a 5 x 3 chart that might be easier for you to quickly look at.

Now that you have the speed figured out, the number of drops is relatively easy. You first need to estimate based on the size of the splatter, and then take your mouse with the dropper full and move it closer to the pattern. See if the amount of paint in the dropper equals the height of the splatter. The first example shows with 2 drops on speed 2. You can see how I hold up the dropper and I am looking to the very top and bottom of the dropper to see if the height of color is consistent with the height in the picture
The next example shows a speed of 3, using 5 drops.
The next example shows speed of 13, using 5 drops.
The next example shows speed of 13, using 7 drops.

As you can see by the pictures below, I can repeatedly use these skills to get 10 out of 10 on level 1 and 2.

Speed 3 - Paint 3

Speed 5 - Paint 2

Speed 6 - Paint 5

Speed 8 - Paint 8

Speed 9 - Paint 8

Speed 12 - Paint 3

Speed 13 - Paint 7

Speed 14 - Paint 3

Speed 15 - Paint 3

Speed 15 - Paint 7

When you get to level 3, you have to put two drops on. Later on, I will put up more pictures of those levels, but the basic techniques still work:

As far as scoring goes, if you get the speed correct and the number of drops correct, you get 10 points (and in the levels where you have to make two or three shapes, you get 10 per shape). If you are off 1 on the speed, you lose half a point. If you are off 1 on the dropper, you lose half a point. So, if you were suppose to make a shape at speed 6 and 5 drops, but you put speed 5 and 5 drops, you will get a 9.5. If you put speed 5 and 4 drops, you will get a 9. If you put speed 4 and 7 drops, you get a 7.5 (losing 1 point for being off 2 on the speed and losing 1.5 points for being off 3 on the number of drops).

With the charts here, you should be able to get the shapes right on, and knowing how to measure the drops, you should be able to get them.

Note: The advanced tutorial will show some techniques to figuring out the multiple shape paintings (level 3 and above) and will also show my frustrations with the fact that sometimes they put the biggest shape on last - obscuring the smaller shapes and making it difficult to get a high enough score to pass.

Good luck.

Levels 3 and 4

I have a bunch of samples of multi-colors.  I am not sure exactly how to categorize these yet, but I know they can be helpful to some people.
To read these swatches, the top line is the bottom (or first) color.  It first has the color (B = Blue, Y = Yellow, R = Red), then the Speed (S), and then the amount of paint in the dropper (P).
It is useful to see how the colors interact when one is on the bottom.  These pictures also show how different amount of paints compare to each other (so you can see just how much bigger a 4 is to a 7, for intance.
You can click on the picture to bring up a larger - more detailed picture.

Blue on Top

Here is one that almost got me - when blue is on top, it is hard to tell if the color on the bottom is yellow or red.
Use these two dabs to help you figure out which it should be:
You can see how the Red on bottom is darker than the yellow on bottom.
Here is one that was very hard for me to figure out, but then I looked at the paint swabs I have on this site and noticed that the shade of blue in the picture was the same as when a yellow was under a blue. This one shows Yellow 1-4 on bottom and Blue 1-4 on top.

Level 6

Level 6 gets harder because it adds another color, putting 3 colors on the canvas.


The next one was difficult because you can only see two distinctive shapes. It turns out, there is a red 7 - 7 (paint / speed) below a yellow 7 - 7. Then, there is a blue 7 - 1 on top.  I was able to look at the other pictures on this page to see that the shade of yellow was the same shade as one that had red on the bottom and yellow covering it.  I was worried about passing this one, and ended up with a 30.
This one is really a Hall of Fame effort:

Level 7

OK, Here are some from level 7

What's interesting about the next one is that if you look at the badge for art, there is a blue background, yellow in the middle and red on top, but the red on top in the badge is much redder than what you see when you actually put those combinations on the canvas.

OK, maybe not interesting to you, but interesting to me.

The next one is one that I made a mistake on -- but it shows how you can still pass with a seemingly fatal error.

I was mindlessly going through the KA classes this morning (before the proverbial cup of coffee - although I don't drink coffee) and I accidentally filled up the dropper with blue (instead of yellow) and put it on the canvas. Once I realized my mistake, I sighed, thinking that I would probably lose this one. But, I proceeded to put the second color on. I chose blue, speed 13, with 5 drops, and then I chose red 5, 2 drops. I was pleasantly surprised to have passed. It looks like you only lose 5 points if you use the wrong color, but get everything else right. So, if it happens to you, just continue with the other layers as they are on the screen.



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