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Zingoz Bounce

There used to be a way to easily score well on Zingoz Bounce, and it can still be done, but it is much harder. In fact, so much harder that I would call this tip "Busted" - although, not completely (I'll explain below).
First, this tip is most helpful if you had a laptop with a touch pad mouse and could click the left button on that mouse (without having to use a movable mouse).
The trick was to get the mouse in top center of the ball to the precise point where you could click and the ball would go straight up (without inducing any spin on the ball at all). You can see that point below.
When you did this, you could keep clicking in rhythm and get as many points as you could maintain the ball in the air. Even if you found the right spot, it was not overly easy, because you did have to hit the ball every time it came down. Some people click rhythmically, and some click as fast as they can. Either way, the problem arose when you clicked the top or bottom of the ball (as your score got higher), leading to an erratic pattern of bouncing.
I actually got good at double clicking - which gave me twice as many points per bounce and sped up the process at which you could get into the level to win a trophy. You can see in the picture below where there are 2 "+5" images on the screen, indicating that

You can also see that I could get a very high score doing this.
About trophies, there is a lot of misinformation out there about this trophy.
Each game was randomly assigned a point between 700 and 2200 (for a single ball), and if you got over that point, you won a trophy. I actually documented the scores I had when I won 200 trophies, and found that the scores were distributed along a normal curve, with the mean (statistical average) score being at 1450 (which is halfway between 700 and 2200). In every turn that I scored more than 2200, I got a trophy. I could get up to 5 trophies per game (one per turn).
When you got a trophy, a notice popped up:

Although this screenshot was taken at the end of a game (I let the ball drop as soon as the notice came up), you actually got the notice during the game and it stayed there until you got to the next benchmark of 200 points.
Also, the screenshot above shows a game that I won 5 trophies on, including the last game, only scoring 730 points.
On a couple of occasions, I went for high scores, including my highest score ever.  In this game, it shows how when you got over 10,000 for a single ball, only 4 numbers showed up at the top.  The 3rd ball was 20180 and the 5th ball was 19820. 

OK, so what happened to the trophy and the tip.
Eventually, the programmers at Ganz realized that the game was too easy for people who figured this out, so they programmed it so that when you bounce the ball from the very beginning, it automatically induces spin.  This effectively erased this tip from being useful.
A few weeks earlier, (and I believe this was a mistake) the game stopped giving trophies out (even if you scored over 2000).  This happened on the exact same day that they announced the retirement of the Zingoz Pop silver trophy.  Even on the announcement, while they made it clear that it was the pop trophy getting retired, one of the headlines actually said Zingoz Bounce. 
So, since early February, 2007, this game has not yield a single trophy - leading many traders to declare it retired.
So, can you still do the tip? 
No, not in the form outlined on this page - but if you are good, you can actually start bouncing with a regular mouse, and then actually settle the ball so that it is not getting any more spin, and then start clicking with your laptop mouse.  Very difficult to do, but possible.  I normally don't even mess with it because the game just doesn't pay very much (without the trophies).


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