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Here are some details and pictures about my accomplishments in Webkinz world.  Enjoy.

Way to go!

You probably know that when you post a personal best score, your pet congratulates you on the accomplishment, but did you know that you can also get congratulated when the score you have achieved is one of the all time best?
I have had this happen a number of times, and what surprised me was the amount of different quotes given by the pet, because I just don't think that many people get on the top once - let alone the number of quotes they have.
Update -- this was much cooler before they removed all of the high scores and a glitch appeared that made everyone do this.  These screenshots were all taken before that occurred, and were legitimate high scores.

High Scores

Here are a few of my high scores.  These pictures were taken after Ganz removed the high score lists because of all of the cheat scores - you can see by the scores that I ought to be at the top of many of these games (hopefully Ganz will fix the problem and I can resume my rightful place atop the podium).

Zingoz Pop<br />25790

Zingoz Pop


Zackys Quest<br />40210

Zackys Quest

Bounce N Burst<br />19014

Bounce N Burst


Polar Plunge<br />9649

Polar Plunge

Operation Gumball<br />116162

Operation Gumball


Zingoz Bounce<br />53510

Zingoz Bounce

Big Winnings

Below are a couple of pictures of my all time highs in a few of the other webkinz activities. I am sure that people have gotten more - but it seems to make a lot of people feel good to know that these are attainable.

Big Button of Kinz Cash

This one is interesting because it shows when you are playing that a button on the left hand side can pop up, revealing an extra digit. Of all of our accounts, we have probably had this happen only 10 times in around 18 months.


Trading Card Big Cash

We bought one case of 36 cards - which will probably be the only one we buy. For the most part, our story is the same that you have seen others post. A few themed items, lots of coupons, bags of groceries, wardrobes, and even a gak. We have gotten a lot of kinzcash ones, with 150 or so cash. A real let down.
But, I did get one that was good (probably not enough to make up for the other disappointments, though).

Wheel of Wow

I have landed on 500 a couple of times - not often, but enough to make it feel good.


Yuck!! and near misses

Of course, it isn't always a life of triumph. There have been some low points - and some that seem so close to being what I wanted:

Wheel of Wow

Wheel of Yum

Wishing Well

This could have been a great day:

Wishing Well 2

Not a good day:



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