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Quizzy's Blast

I have been playing the Quizzy's blast for awhile now (when it is the activity of the hour), and I was looking for a way to avoid getting negative "bonus" points.

I tried a couple of techniques, and then thought that if I put the mouse on the far left or right, then at least I could isolate only two of the circular rings (the top left outer and bottom left outer, for instance - as shown, circled in the image below):

It turns out that when you do this, the dart always ends up in the exact same place (just above the center axis).

So, the trick is (and it is not really tricky) to put the dart gun on the far left or far right, and when the top quarter circle is a +5, shoot the dart. You might have to wait a few seconds as it cycles through the numbers, but eventually it will come. Of you get tired of waiting, you can look at both of the top rings.

Also, the numbers that come up cycle through two colors (going in sequence), so if you see a +5 and are worried that the color will change - if it hasn't changed once, the number will still be there for another color sequence.

Updated: Make sure you click all the way outside of the target -- normally when I am shooting to the right side, I click around the world Health, and when I am going left, I click on the purple bar to the left of the target. If you click inside the target, it is possible you will get the bottom number.

If you look at the screenshot below, you can see where the dart will land - and which two rings you will be looking at (I suggest focusing on just one until you get the hang of it).

In fact, if you look at this one below, you can see that I have shot 4 darts and they have landed in the exact same place (you can tell, because you can barely see that I have 40 points and only 1 dart left).

Finally, here it is, the maximum score of 5 points (5 questions, 5 points each, with 5 bonus points each).

The one thing I left out (and it is the most obvious question) is whether the power meter matters - and the answer is, "No". Because of the way the game is set up, no matter what the power level is, the dart goes to the exact same location).

Finally, it sometimes takes some time for +5's to come onto the bullseye. In truth, I normally do +4 and +5 (sometimes +3) - getting the positive numbers was my goal, and it doesnt pay to wait around.

Oh - you also have to be able to answer the questions correctly -- I can't help you with those, unless you call or email

You can also use this to get -25 - although you don't actually lose any cash if you get a negative number.



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