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Zingoz Pop

First off, I want everyone to know that there are a lot of links to youtube.com videos on this post, and I encourage you to go to them and watch them. Generally speaking, I do not ask for things like thanks points and the like, but I am asking for people to go to my youtube videos and add a rating. In the past couple of days, I have had a few people spam the comments, and post low ratings. Generally, these are just immature teenagers who don’t like webkinz. I can delete their comments, but I cannot delete the rankings. So, I would ask you to show your appreciation by rating the videos (and showing people how strong the webkinz community is).

OK, with that out of the way, here is the Zingoz Pop tutorial.

First, my credentials. Many of you have read the other tutorials, so you know that I take these seriously. For this game, I have won quite a few trophies and currently hold the highest legitimate score of all time on the game. When the cheaters are removed, you should see Antigonus at the top of another game.

The first time I played a game like this was in 2002, when I loaded linux operating system on one of my computers, and it came with a game called frozen bubble – I think that was the name. It was similar to a game called bubble bobble. I really enjoyed the game, and probably spent more time

First of all, this game has two levels of play, easy and normal. The easy level is 10 levels, and is a great place for kids and inexperienced players to practice. The normal level is 30 levels. You can only win a trophy by getting by all 30 levels on the normal level.

The biggest difference on the easy level (other than it being easier) is that you get the aiming line at the beginning of every level.

After choosing the level, you get to choose your power. The options are the bowling ball, burst bubble (rainbow ball), super bubble (star ball) or line guide. There are some posts on the forums where people have commented on their choice, and the reason behind those choices.
Personally, I think that novices should use the bowling ball or super bubble, but the experts will find that the rainbow ball is much more useful in the later levels. When I first started playing this game, I used the bowling ball and found that it got me out of a lot of jams. When I first started using the rainbow ball, I wasn’t sold at first, but after a few games, I found that most of the levels I could pick out a color early on that would be the best target for the ball.

My recommendation for the power ball is to just try them all and use the one you like the most. I do have more information much further down in the page supporting why you should use the rainbow ball.

One thing I have always been curious about is what causes a power ball present itself in the game – and I really haven’t figured out if a player’s activity activates the “sparkling” ball, that will give you a power ball if you break it. I keep thinking it has to do with the floating zingoz on the left, but I haven't seen a predictable pattern yet.

Before I get into the levels, I want to talk about points. It's not really a secret - you just have to drop more balls to get more points.

When I first started playing, I was trying to go through the levels as quickly as possible, and would get through with several extra lives, but with scores less than 20,000. I had the same frustration trying to figure out how to get more.

Essentially, you just have to set the conditions to drop more balls by building cascading lines, and popping the connector. It makes for very risky game. See below for a couple of examples.

Essentially, this sets up to pop 15 balls when the purple hits the 2 purples. That got 115 points. The more balls you pop, the more points you get (and it goes up at a faster rate for more balls).

And, this one got 12 balls. I don't remember how many points it was, but probably around 80. Essentially, these extra points keep adding up.

Here's one more:

So, when I play, I try on each level (as much as possible) to set up large combinations of balls. On the levels that I know pay off well (like level 5), I often die intentionally after getting the points (before popping the last ball), so I can get the most out of my points.

Again, it is very risky, because if you are dying intentionally, that might not leave any margin for mistakes later on in the game.

Let me give you some additional perspective on the points - when I got my high score (which is number 3 on the list), I got 700 points on the first level. Next time you play, see how many points you get on level 1, and you can get an idea of how much more has to be earned on each level to get to the leader board.

In fact, you can also compare how many points I had at the end of level 5 and level 6 in the screenshots above. Realize that I died twice on level 5 on purpose.

OK, on to the levels.

Level 1 – 4 are pretty straight forward.

The video on level 1 is probably the worst quality because it was originally too big for youtube, but I wanted to keep it to show you how to get maximum points. Clearly, it is not an efficient way to work the level, but returned 726 points. I am not going to make any additional comments on this level.


Level 2 is also pretty easy. At its core, if you can remove the blue, yellow and orange that are connected to the top, you can get through this level without any problem. If you are going to use the rainbow ball in the middle, hitting it with a yellow ball is probably the best bet – unless you have removed 2 of the three colors attached to it at the top.


For level 3, I don’t have a video. When I add one, I will add it to this post. Again, fairly simple in the early going.

On level 4, all of the balls are essentially connected to the purples at the top, so if you can clear out the center, and get to the purple, you can pop a bunch of balls. You can see in the video, that I try to free a path to the blue line, then get rid of the whites connected to the top purple, and then work to those purples.


Level 5 is a great level to earn a lot of points. When this game gave out a silver trophy, this was the best level to get it on. The video for this level shows getting a trophy (and a bunch of points.

Another tip for reaching the higher scores is to die on purpose on level 5 - twice. Get as many points as you can, then die. Then do it again. If you get maximum points 3 times on this level you will score higher.

Of course, you also run the risk of dying later on and not having extra lives to fall back on - but to get the top scores in any of these games, you have to take risks.

The easiest way around this level is to clear out the purple and / or green in the middle, and then clear out the blue V – dropping a bunch of balls. At that point, you should be able to work through the levels.


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xnx77JEH-OQ (level earns 962 points)


Level 6 is not too difficult, but since the two sticky red balls lie in the middle, they can cause trouble. I recommend using the rainbow ball to get rid of them (if you have that option), or just quickly working to get rid of the balls around it (like on the video)


I don’t yet have a video for level 7. That will come soon.

For level 8, you really just need to take the first yellow to the right, the first green to the left, and remove the orange balls on either side.

Then you just have to angle to the right and left to get the ones that are holding the structure to the top.

Alternately, you can try to get one side first, and then work on the other side (using the first side you got to store extra balls).


Level 9 is also fairly easy to figure out. This is one level where you can use the rainbows on the screen to help shape the level – and one that you can get in trouble if you are unable to bounce off the side, or to shoot directly up the middle.


Level 10 is just like level 10 on the easy level (except there is an additional color). You can see in the video that I use the bounce bumpers to discard balls I don’t want.


Level 11

Typically, I try to use the strategy on the video. Isolate the 2 white balls below the rainbow and then free up the bottom half of the level. Then, it is pretty straightforward. I know some people have troubles on this level. It is definitely one where you have to know where to discard balls.


Level 12 can be intimidating the first time, but is pretty easy. I just clear the levels from left to right, taking care that I don’t allow them to get connected with balls I shoot up.


For level 13, you want to clear out the pinks in the middle and the blue in the middle. You do not want the right hand column to get attached to the sticky balls. Then, use a white or orange ball on the rainbow to clear a good percentage of the screen.


Level 14 is one of the easiest to conceive how to get through it. I am not going to add any additional commentary.


Level 15 is an example of a level where the rainbow ball can make quick work of the level. If you hit an orange ball, you can eliminate most of the screen. In fact on the video, I show that I am able to get out of a jam with the rainbow ball (a jam I don’t normally get into)

Otherwise, I just recommend trying to clear out the yellow as early as possible (to limit the number of different balls that you can get). Then working toward getting rid of the colors as you go. This level might take a bit of luck.


I do not have videos or commentary for levels 16 or 17. I will add them later.

Level 18 is one of the more technically challenging rounds.

The strategy I use is to try to get rid of the yellows on the left, followed closely by the pink above it, opening a path to the purples in the middle.

Then, using either the pink or yellow on the right, eliminate the large chunk in the middle.

After that, the screen opens up and you can use basic strategies to clear the screen.



Level 19 is not too difficult – as long as your aim is good. First, get rid of the yellow and gray on the sides, and then you can work the colors to get rid of the blues on the top. Not much to say here.


Level 20 is also not too hard. You just have to be able to aim the balls and pair up the colors. All colors are exposed at the start of the game, so you always have something to pair the balls with. When you get later on, if you need to use the bounce to discard balls, go ahead. I normally use the rainbow ball to get rid of the red sticky balls on this level.


Level 21 is also not too terribly difficult, as long as you can aim and avoid the black sticky in the middle. You will see that in the video, I had died on the try before this one (the aiming line is present). That was because I went a bunch of balls without getting a green – and you have to get that to be able to get through the level. That was one of the very few times I died on that level, though.


Level 22 is another level that I could easily get silver trophies on. You can see on the video how I built up the rows and dropped larger segments.


Level 23 is also a fairly easy level to comprehend. Just match up the balls.

You can see how useful the rainbow ball can be in level 23 (shown above). Once I get the power-up, I can reduce to only 2 colors.


Level 24 is another level where the rainbow ball can quickly clear the screen – if you hit one of the red sticky balls.

This is another level where you have to be a good aim.


Level 25 is one of my favorites. You can see how I use the bottom of the red stickies to put discards. This can be very dangerous, but tends to work out for me.


Level 26 is technically challenging. There are places to discard and places to pair up. You just have to aim true and steadily work through the level.


For level 27, I normally try to get the purple and white that are in the middle first -- and discard balls until I get to the point where there are only 2 bumpers left.

To get the purple and white, you aim to the left or right wall, about halfway up. It might take some practice.

If I get a color other than purple or white, I discard it.

I will provide an interesting tip. When you have a ball that is sparkling - meaning that you will get a power ball if you can drop it, and you discard balls off of the bouncers, the power ball will not disappear as long as you are discarding the balls off the bouncers. There are a few levels where this can be very helpful.



Level 28 can best be finished by working toward getting rid of the pink, white and yellow balls as soon as possible. That leaves the green, grey and purple, which are all connectors.

Again, if you have the rainbow ball, you can it the purple and drop most of the screen out.


Level 29 is also very technically challenging. Typically, I try to keep the columns from connecting. This level is about proper aim, and setting up places to discard the colors you don’t need.


Level 30

Aahhhh, you are close now.

Sometimes there is luck involved, but not always. You just have to get rid of the yellow and purple first, depositing the pink and gray on the sides. Then you have to be a good shot about putting the pink and purple at the top center (as the screen comes down). There are 5 spots at the top that you can put the balls. 2 are at the very top row and 3 are on the second row. If you get down to the pink and gray, you put a gray one in the middle top right, a pink one in the middle top left, then put the next gray one on the second row, right, and the next pink on the second row left. Then, if you get a pink or gray, it goes in the middle and pops the 3. Then you go back to the top row.

It takes good aim and I can get it most of the time, but it is hard to do every time.

It helps to have the rainbow ball selected, because, if you get a powerup, you can get rid of one of the colors (always try to use it to get rid of the pink or purple).

The strategy is the clear -- eliminate the yellow and purple and then work the grey and pink in the middle. This run was a bit sloppy, and there was a chance that I wasn't going to make it at one point if I didn't get the right color (actually at 2 points) - so maybe I will do it again.

Here's the image of how you want to set the pinks and grays at the end (after you get rid of the purple and yellow).

After you get it like this, you just put keep putting the pinks on the left and the grays on the right until all of the black disappear, and then eliminate the pinks and grays on the far left and right.

Here are two videos

One is without the powerup. The second is with.


 I might come back and add information on the scoring later on. Let me know what you think. If there are levels you want me to give a more detailed account of, just let me know.OK. There it is. Let me leave you with a screenshot posted the highest legitimate score in Zingoz Pop


Hopefully when the scores return, my score stands atop (and they get rid of the cheater scores).

Finally, just another reminder to have you go to those videos and give them a video rating that you think suits them. If it helps, give it 5 stars, and let’s show people that the webkinz community is strong.


Zingoz Pop - Power Selection

I recently made a blog entry with information about the Power Selection. You can read it in full here (with larger pictures): 

The most common question with Zingoz pop is about the power ball. You select your power ball at the very beginning of the game, and have 4 choices.

During the game, you get the power ball when you burst a combination that includes a ball that is sparkling. Once you see a sparkling ball, it will only remain for 4 shots, so you have a limited time to take advantage of it. Once you pop that combination, the next ball will be your power ball.

If you are brand new at the game (or really not very good at all), you will probably find that the bowling ball is the best, because you can use brute force to clear part of the screen.

But, once you get a little better at playing the game, the general consensus is that the Burst Bubble (the rainbow ball) is the best to have.

With the bowling ball, you can blast through a whole line of bubbles, which means that if you carefully shoot it, you can clear about 1/3rd of the screen in most cases. But, if you have the black sticky obstacles, or the rubber obstacles, you are much more limited to the effectiveness of the bowling ball. Also, if you are in a spot of trouble where the majority of the screen is filling up, the bowling ball might only give you temporary relief.

The Super Bubble pops the ball that you hit and all balls that it is directly touching -- also something that you might want to try if you are just learning the game (but the bowling ball is generally better).

The line guide is the least useful. Some novices like it, but after practicing the game a bit, you should be able to tell where the ball is going to go, and the line guide is not nearly as helpful as the others.

The rainbow ball, on the other hand, pops all the balls of the color that you hit. Not only does this normally clear a lot of the screen, but it also removes one ball from the sequence of balls that are in the "hopper" (getting ready to come out). Additionally, there are a number of levels in the game where using the rainbow ball will quickly end the game.

Most notably is the last level. If you are able to get to level 30, the strategy is to clear out the purple and yellow balls first (discarding the pinks and grays to the left and right), and then to work toward a picture like shown below:

If you can do this, then a rainbow ball placed against the pink or gray will clear out that color, making it easy to finish the level. On my site, I have a YouTube video showing exactly that.

Other levels can also be finished quickly with the rainbow ball.

On level 4, if you get a rainbow ball, you can get rid of the entire screen by hitting a purple one (although on level 4, you can also just shoot the bowling ball straight up and clear the screen).

You can see below how I get a rainbow on level 12, then when I hit the orange ball, all of the oranges and yellows go away - just leaving an easy finish with green, gray and blue.

Level 15 is another example. If you can hit an orange ball, you can probably clear the entire screen (except the top yellows). The YouTube video I have of level 15 shows how I made a few mistakes and could have lost the level, but the rainbow saved me. The bowling ball might not have saved me.

Level 23 is another one where the rainbow can make it a lot easier to finish.

In this case, you can see that after getting the the rainbow, I can get rid of 1/3rd of the balls, making it much easier to clear out the rest.

On level 24, you can see how the rainbow ball, when used to get rid of the red sticky ball, can make quick work of the level (because the sticky balls are the only thing holding the other balls to the top). Once I hit the red one at the bottom, here, the level is complete.

Level 28 is another. If you can hit a purple ball with the rainbow, you can clear all except the top left green balls.

Note, the reason the line is there is because I had to intentionally die because I forgot to take a picture of the level when I was going through

Level 29 is another one where you can get out of a jam (and clear a lot of the screen) with a rainbow ball. If you can hit a gray ball, you can clear a significant part of the screen.

Ultimately, it is up to your comfort. As I said, once you get better at placing the balls, you probably won't get in quite as many jams as when you are a beginner - and then you can use the strategy of using the rainbow ball.

Here are a few more things you might not know about the rainbow ball.

If you are on a level where you have one of the red elastic bumpers, and one of the balls lights up signifying that breaking that combination will give you a rainbow ball, if you keep hitting the bumper, the opportunity to get the power ball will not expire after 4 balls (as it does on the other levels). This strategy works well on level 20, 23, 25 and 27.

Also, if you are going for a high score, then you really don't want to use the rainbow to break a large number of bubbles, because you get less points than if you were to pop them "naturally".

Finally, whichever power ball you use, you should always look at what the next ball is, because it may be that the next ball can solve some of your problems (that you were trying to solve with the power ball), and the power ball can then be used on a different part of the screen. For instance, if you just have 2 colors left, you might want to use the rainbow against the color that is not going to be next (because the rainbow will remove the color you hit, only leaving that next color.

Hope that helps. Happy popping.



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