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My Pets
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Contact Me

Please fill out this form if you have any comments.
I am adding this contact as a trial thing - and I may or may not answer any of them.  It is best to contact me through WebkinzInsider.com, KinzFans.com or AdultKinz.com (username Hamlet), but if you can use this form if you would like.
You don't have to put in any personal information.  For Name, you can put in whatever you want.
If you have an email account that you want me to respond to, please put it in the comments.  If you are underage, please ask your parents before filling this out.
If you want to send my Webkinz a gift - as a show of appreciation - then contact me through one of the forums listed above.
Please don't ask me to send you a trophy - I have never sent anyone I don't know a trophy, and don't plan to start now.  Please, join one of the forums and trade for them.
Finally, your IP address is being captured, and abuse of this form (or inappropriate comments) could result in your IP address being banned from this site.
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