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Welcome to Ant.igon.us

This site details the exploits of Antigonus and friends from the wonderful world of webkinz.
Antigonus is the black bear owned by Webkinz Forum game "expert" Hamlet.  I hope that you will find this site very favorable, and will check back often for new tips and videos.
For those of you familiar with my postings on the forum, you know that I tend to pay meticulous attention to the details of my post, trying to alleviate confusion.  I hope you can find that this web site is an extension of those posts, with more detailed instructions and higher quality videos.


My credentials are simple.  I am consistently able to score in the top 10 of all time on several webkinz games, and once the Top 10 lists return, I expect to get back on them again.  In the past, I have held the highest legitimate scores on Zacky's Quest, Polar Plunge, Zingoz Bounce, Bounce N Burst an Zingoz Pop.
My bear knows what it feels like to get a top score:
In fact, on one day, I scored the highest ever in Zacky's Quest and Zingoz Pop:
This site will show a lot of screenshots from my games, to showcase those exploits.

Kinzville Academy

I am also working through the Kinzville Academy courses. Here is my current badge progress (I have 2 pets doing this so that I can do all 6 classes every day, and this picture is a representation of their current progress):
Be sure to check out the tips on those classes as I continue to add them to my pages (on the left). Also, as the levels get more difficult, I will update the tips.

Game of the Day Winner

I have won the game of the day so many times, I have literally lost count. Here are a few of the banners that appear on the front page of webkinz to announce the game of the day winner:



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